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Tech Support Pages

Many problems with your program can be fixed by rebooting your computer. Before calling tech support, shut down your computer completely and then restart. If you have left your computer on for a day or more, its a good idea to restart your computer before starting KCD.
Windows Compatiblity for older Versions
Version 9 Hasp Key Issues
Restoring Shop Standards
Putting Cabinets on a 45 degree wall
Version 8 Hasp Key Issues
Transferring Parts and Pricing files from one computer to another
Calculating Door Sizes - An Explanation

Links to products for CNC Users

Pen Holder for CNC Machines
MDF Door Router Bits from Great Lakes Tools
MDF Door Router Bits from Vortex Tools
Router Bits for CNC Dovetail Drawers
are based on the material thickness of your drawer.
To Order CNC Dovetail router bits Call South East Tool at 877-465-7012
You must tell the operator this is a CUSTOM bit.
Set# 4270 for ½ inch drawer material
Set# 4350 for 5/8 inch drawer material
Set# 4351 for ¾ inch drawer material
You will be directed to a distributor near you